Skin. Wax. Tan.


It is our mission at Salon 5150 to provide consistent quality service with a personal touch.  Attention to detail results in a beautifully shaped Eyebrow, silky smooth Brazilian Wax, a great Facial and Organic Spray Tan. Carrying only quality products such as --- assures you of the best possible way to maintain your beauty regimen.  The end goal is to make your visit a pleasant and worthwhile experience.

Skin Care:

  • Element Nature $84+
  • Pure Focus $56+
  • Pure Radiance $85+
  • Purifying Facial $84+

Waxing Services:

  • Arms $46+
  • Back $50+
  • Bare Brazilian $65+
  • Bikini $35+
  • Brow $22+
  • Chin $10+
  • Full Leg $80+
  • Lip $10+
  • Under Ams $25+

Organic Spray Tan:

  • Sinless Mist Tan $35
  • Membership $75 (includes 4 tans a month!)
  • Just Legs $15

What Should I Expect?

The whole process is mess free and takes about 15-20 minutes. Your tan typically will last 7 to 10 days!

What Is In The Tanning Solution?

We only use The Tan Girlz products! The solution base includes Eco Cert DHA & Eco Cert Organic Aloe Vera, Coffee Bean Extract, and Grapefruit seed extract to nourish your skin.

BEFORE your Sinless Mist Tan:

  • Avoid Heavy Makeup, Lotions, & Oils on the Face & Body
  • Exfoliate Before Your Spray Tan - a fresh scrubbed body without deodorant is best
  • Avoid Using Soaps with Alpha Hydroxy or Salicylic Acne Treatment
  • Shave The Day Before or Several Hours Before
  • Women Commonly Wear a Bathing Suit, G-String or Bra/Panty In Dark Colors
  • Men Must Wear Fitted Underwear or Running Shorts

AFTER your Sinless Mist Tan... PROTECT YOUR TAN!

  • Dark, loose fitted clothing are a MUST! Avoid tight clothing, bras, straps, denim, buckles, & belts
  • Don't touch yourself after your tan, it can darken your hands & leave "marks" on your tan - be careful with pets, small children, & loved ones hugging you. Avoid water, rain, splashing of water - take care when washing hands
  • The top layer of the bronzer may get on clothing/sheets, it usually washes off but may stain silk, nylon, or spandex
  • I HIGHLY recommend to wait 10 hours before showering, if not possible (or at least 6). For your first shower, expect the top layer of the bronzer to wash off
  • Keep your skin hydrated but avoid exfoliating or anything that bleaches skin!
  • Wear sunscreen; the DHA has no sunscreen!!

NOTE: Hot tubs, pools, steam rooms, heavy sweat and harsh soaps/scrubs will shorten the life of your tan